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Train hard, get fit, laugh loud.

Our Group

The founders of Mundo Capoeira Ireland, Mestre Sansão Maia and Daniela Quaresima, Graduada Smurfette, established the group in 2001, as the first official Capoeira school in Ireland. Later on, the team was joined in by Irish Graduada Arcoiris & Graduado Jesus. We run classes across Dublin and Ireland.

"A fight for dancers, a dance for fighthers."

Adult Classes


Tue & Thu: 7pm – 9pm 
Where: Byrne Hall, Synge St, Saint Kevin’s, D8

Sat: 1pm – 2:30pm
Where: Charlemont Community Resource Centre, Core 3, French-Mullen House, Charlemont Street, D2 

Mestre Sansão: +353 0861079313


Tue: 6pm – 7:20pm
Where: Forest Park, Mullingar Business Park

Thu: 6:30pm – 8pm
Where: Harbour St, Commons

Monitor Vizinho: 087-777-7931


Wed: 7-8pm
Where: Monksland Community Centre /Old Tuam Road
Graduado Duda: 087-2969-133

Kids Classes

Dublin Rathmines

Saturdays: 11am-12am* 
Location: Swan Leisure, Rathmines Square, 161 Rathmines Rd Lower
*Children of 4 years of age up.

Benefits of Capoeira

OveralL fitness

Capoeira is at once a widely communal and a deeply individual experience. If it wasn’t clear from the superhero-like bodies that some capoeiristas have, capoeira has some impressive health benefits, such as: Strength – Flexibility – Cardio and Stamina – Overall Fitness


It can also improve your social life: Meet new people – Learn a new language – Learn about a new culture – Gain confidence If you want to start capoeira, or if you’ve ever seen capoeira and were curious about it, you’ve come to the right place.



Classes & Personal Training

+353 086-107-9313

Workshops, Performances & Bookings

+353 086-887-5119

General enquiries

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