Everything started in Dublin in 2001. We are a community of highly qualified Capoeira teachers, personal trainers, gymnastics professionals, artists and event organizers who love to bring together all the different colors and walks of life but above all who love to mix the colors and taste of Ireland and those of Brazil.

A journey into the heart of Brazil

A game, a dance and most of all a martial art: pure magic and acrobatic beauty.
As UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, Capoeira is one of the main symbol of the Brazilian identity.

Dominic Scott

Sansão Maia

Big fan of good cappuccinos – don’t burn his coffee if you want to be his friend– Sansao and capoeira are synonymous. He doesn’t like to talk too much but he is a colorful tireless flow of cat like moves, acrobatics and smart tricks. Watch out for him in the roda.

Dominic Scott

Daniela Quaresima

Flipping around between Capoeira and a vineyard, Smorfete is Mundo Capoeira busy bee, always on Sansao’s side since 2001. Wherever there is something to organize she is there. To regain energy she plunges herself into a comic book or in blue waters. More likely you will find her hiding in her local chatting away with friends.

Dominic Scott

Frances Matthews

Jesus being his nickname is not a coincidence. Always smiley, he makes miracles in everything he does: painting – being is main occupation – capoeira backflipping, playing music, helping friends and being there all the time. With Mundo Capoeira since the early days, he’s the first Irish Instructor of the group and probably the first on Irish soil.

Dominic Scott

Claire Lindsay

She is always with her feet upside down. Being a professional gymnastics couch and in love with capoeira for many many years now, she doesn’t manage to stand still. She is the backbone of kids classes.

Dominic Scott

Ramon Lopez Ferreira

Mestre Negoativo feels the energy of this world deeply. Never without a flower in his dreadlocks or a mic in his hands, always in love with his berimbaus and his music, he is the proud son of his black ancestors. Politically committed he teaches and spreads the history of Afro-Brazilian slavery through the lyrics of his songs and his charming tales. Bring him incense sticks or essential oils and he will be forever thankful.

Dominic Scott

Nivaldo Moura

Mestrando Karamelo has his life in Antwerp (Belgium) but his heart always beats for Cruzeiro. Don’t take him seriously because he always cracks jokes. Swift, light and smiley in the roda his jogo is a real pleasure for the eyes.